Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sawyers Cat Song

Sawyer has decided he wants a cat. We had a cat, and I am not going to go into the story about him as the children still believe he ran away and that is that! So we have been cat free for 2 years now, I doubt Sawyer can even remember much about Zoey. For whatever reason, he insists we must have a cat. Now. Every day we get to hear how miserable he is because he does not have a cat. How mean we are because we got Makenna a dog, but won't get him a cat. Which I say he has a point there, a very small point. In some ways I would rather have a cat than a dog, but I digress. Mark says no cat. He did the litter box before and so he says never again. And there is no way i want a kitten w/ a new baby, on top of 4 kids, a dog etc.. So if you are reading this and feeling sorry for Sawyer, NO FREE KITTENS, thank you very much! I wish I could have done video of him and his "song". He makes quite the one man band. He is loud and he is determined. His words are along these lines.." I WANT A CAT THE CAT NEEDS A FAMILY AND WANTS OUR FAMILY I WANT A CAT". I say, how about a Sage? ;)

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