Monday, April 24, 2006

Rumor Time

Well it is that time of the month. Rumors say that referrals are ready to be mailed and that they are going up to June 6th. Better than May 31st, the original rumor. But that is only 4 days of LID's they did in an entire month.
Just a quick lesson on how exactly referrals work. Once a month, typically the end of the month, China mails over ALL referrals. So everyone across the globe gets their referrals at the same time. Our agency might get on average around 30-50 at a time. Not sure how many come over a month as a whole. And they go by calendar of when you have a LID. (log in date) this is when your paperwork was logged in to china. Our date is June 20th. So they go through in order and end w/ a certain LID. If rumor is true, they will be sending referrals over from May 31st up to June 6th. So then we wait another month, and see how many days of June they make it till. At this rate, not such good news for me. And I am not happy. I am starting to panic because if we end up not traveling till August, we chance missing either Sawyers birthday or his first day of kindergarten. Very big deals to me.
Your guess is as good as mine. I am tired of the wait, really tired. And I am just having a hard time seeing the end in sight. Our paperwork went over to China last May. So we are nearing one year of waiting. I just can't believe it. I am trying to make sense of the lesson God is trying to teach me. Really, I am....

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