Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sick of Sickness

Yes, I am sick again. Stomach flu. I guess from Makenna who had it 11 days ago. Is that possible? I started late last night. During the middle of tornado warnings, might i add. And of course Mark is out of town. I was debating on what to do. The wind was so strong, the lightening neverending. Do I wake up the kids, take them to the basement and bring down a bucket for me? Thankfully it blew over before i had to do that. And you know what I was worried about? Our new trampoline blowing away. The kids would have died if they lost their new favorite toy. Me to. I have waited about 20 years to get a trampoline. It is great exercise for all of us. So why am I so sick every month? I am starting to see a trend. Always happens the end of the month, which is when rumors begin for referrals. Is it connected? You have to wonder. I am tired of being sick. I am tired of waiting for my baby. I am just plain tired. I think I need a shopping weekend again!

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