Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I am OVER the hill and losing my mind!

Last year I turned 30, and it was ok. I knew I had to be 30 to move forward w/ our adoption, that is the rule in China. I guess at 30 they consider you mature enough to parent. And i remember turning 30 and thinking, I will have 4 children before I turn 31. Well yesterday I turned 31. And guess what? Yes, I am still waiting. But it is ok. I HAVE a child out there, and she was born before I was 31. And I WILL HAVE HER HOME BEFORE I AM 32!! Oh can you even imagine? I don't know, at the rate we are going I am starting to think Makenna might be old enough to adopt her own baby by the time we get to China! So what does a Mommy do to celebrate her birthday? Spend the day at Chuck E cheese of course! Makenna is on spring break, and that was one of her requests for the week. It just worked out for us to go yesterday. Actually it worked out great. It was empty there. The kids played, I sat and read for awhile. Then Mark took us to dinner at the Macaroni Grill. YUM! So 31. I can't believe I am 31. Just writing that makes me feel OLD! ;)
No new rumors in adoption world. Which is fine w/ me. I refuse to listen to ANY rumors at all. Life is so busy here. Makenna just got over stomach flu. We are way to sick to go to China! It is just one thing after another. I swear, I do clean my house. The smell of lysol is crazy here. That is all you can smell. Well that and the burnt toothbrushes. I am having an issue w/ the toothbrushes. You know we have all been ill, alot. And if you know me, you know I am NOT a cheap person, really I enjoy spending $!! So instead of buying new toothbrushes at every illness, I have tried to boil them. But no more. Last night we were watching a movie, and all of a sudden I asked my family if they smelled anything. No of course they don't they never do. Then I look over and notice smoke. Let me tell you, it still did not hit me that I had started boiling those toothbrushes like an hour before! Finally Mark does smell it and we all jump up to find our toothbrushes liquified. And burnt onto the bottom of my last good pan. Because I already did this during one of our rounds of strep and ruined another pan. After we threw the pan outside, aired the house out which took forever and I can still smell the burn plastic smell now, Mark says" I am pretty sure new toothbrushes would be ALOT cheaper than new pots and pans. " I guess the mind is the first thing to go...

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