Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spotlight Sunday-A little of everyone

It feels as if we have been sick or in the hospital since Christmas around here and I am ready for spring. Isn't it funny that the promise of spring seems to make everything better? Just a little rundown on everyone.

  • Makenna-caught the cold from Mavery that I started a month ago. Thankfully she has not been that sick. We have been so proud of her in school. She is doing so good and she must be the only kid I know that walks in the door and sits down to do homework with out being told. And REALLY spends time doing it. Her grades are reflecting that which we are thankful for. She sang in church today and did a great job. She loves to sing and I am glad her grandma includes her when she is on the Sunday schedule.

  • **Displaying his 100th day of school hat.

  • Sawyer-came home from school throwing up one day this week. I am seriously starting to wonder if he is not allergic to bacon because he seems to throw up or have a stomach ache every single time he eats it. Possible? Sawyer & school. Hmmm. Lets say Sawyer is doing wonderful at the social aspect of school. The rest, maybe not so much. Who has time to write out sentences or fill in blanks when there are friends to talk to and stuff to do? There is no doubt in my mind this child is better off being homeschooled. And it is not that the school is doing anything wrong, there are just alot of reasons that he benefits from the one on one of being taught. He does adore his new teacher this year and is having a blast with his friends. If only that seatwork was not required of him!

  • Malaine woke up one night this week running fever. She also has the cold that Makenna has that we all had. This poor girl has a constant chapped lip from colds. She is still enjoying school to and we are enjoying how well she is reading to us now. She is very excited to move through her readers each week. Handwriting is not going to be her favorite subject either. I am noticing a trend here. Artsy child, great at writing. Children not so artsy, not so into the handwriting. But keep trying Ms Sherman, maybe there is still hope for her?! ;0)

  • Sage is HEALTHY! Knock on wood. We are spending alot of time with her working lately on listening. Not an easy thing for her to do. We have set up "time out chairs" and they seem to be working the best. Well kind of. One night Malaine was building block towers. Mavery ran up and knocked it over. We told her no, Malaine built it again, Mavery knocked it over, again. So, into time out chair she went. Malaine built it again, Sage sat for a minute, kicked the tower over, and ran over to put herself into the time out chair. One day we caught her going down the steps headfirst. (which she knows is a no. ) and leading Mavery to do the same. Which of course did not feel to good on Maverys chest. The thing is Sage REALLY tries to be good. But being spicy is just so much fun!

  • Mavery woke up with a stuffy nose AGAIN. ARGH! Which is no surpise as Mark and I have both been sick with the cold AGAIN, I am sure catching it back from Makenna and Malaine. Praying that it does not turn into anything but just a stuffy nose. Overall, Mavery is doing really well. The scar is healing well,, but the bump is very, very prominent and I think is going to stay that way. She is sleeping good, praise God! She is an early riser, no matter what we do. But we are just thankful that she is going to bed easily and STAYING asleep. We are working through some "issues", which I am sure is part adjustment, part orphanage behavior. You know the things like if she gets mad at me, she pees on the couch, or makes herself puke, or hits herself or Sage. Actually the time out chair seems to be working pretty well with her to. Though it is funny because at first she thought it was cool to go in because Sage was in one. Then when I made her stay, it was not quite so fun. ;0) Tomorrow the social worker visits, which I am actually glad for. I have questions, lots of questions.
  • And Mark & I? Sick, but I think we are on the mend. I started the colds a month ago and I guess it was bound to return to me from taking care of all the sick kids. The joy of a large family, by the time it gets through everyone, it starts over. YES I do clean my house, yes we wash our hands, I am so sick of the smell of lysol and clorox. My girls think the hand sanitizer makes great foot lotion so not only do they wash their hands but their feet as well. I really think it is just the same cold and I probably caught it again from being run down from taking care of all these kids! But to make my mother happy I did go out and buy all new toothbrushes today. ;0)

A couple of other updates and prayer requests:

  • My brother in law is in severe pain from his back. They went to the ER last night and found a tumor on the back and some spinal fluid. He has never had a back scan, so this is most likely an NF tumor. (Mark has them on his spine) He goes to the doctor this week but I think the pain is HORRIBLE and nothing is bringing relief.
  • My friend "Glory." Is here in the states. I wish I could go into some details, and I will share more when I can, but please continue to pray for her. My heart just hurts for her.
  • My friend Gail is meeting with a surgeon this week. She had a biopsy done on a lymph node and they said it is not cancerous but found abnormal cells so want to remove the lymph node from her neck.
  • My friend Kathys newest daughter had cleft lip repair done on Friday. (many of you remember Kathys son Andrew was in the car accident almost a year ago) I was so happy to get to meet them for a little bit on Friday. Please pray for her as she recovers.

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annaliese said...

good job, you, for getting photos up of everyone! so sorry that nasty cold just keeps resurfacing--I pray it leaves your house for good now!