Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleepover Fun, Sister Style

I wish I had thought to get the camera out earlier in the evening for this one. Malaine had been begging Makenna for some "time". Attention from her big sister, play, read etc. I suggested they have an American Girl doll Sleepover. Oh Malaine was SOO excited and though Makenna did roll her eyes, she went along with my idea and she planned it all out, every last detail. She had a full agenda and time schedule. They dressed up all the dolls, had a tea party, made a craft, watched the AG doll movie starring Kit complete with popcorn bowls for the dolls, and then got them all ready for bed in their favorite jammies. I think the smiles on Malaines face tell how much fun she had! Makenna is a really really good big sister when she chooses to be. She is SO creative and comes up with the best ideas. They all look up to her so much and I pray she will always be a good example to them. The girls are begging to go to the American Girl doll store. I sure would love to take them. Hopefully someday.


Mom to my China Posse said...

Sounds like a wonderful night! Kylah's birthday is this Friday and she wants a American girl doll, I bet get to working on that!

Amber said...

I love the new blog page look. That picture is super cute!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like spending great "Sister" time! I'm glad they got to do this - looks like they both had a great time!