Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back to the Media!

Well, we survived the week, barely. It was hard! And yes, I cheated, a little bit here and there. I did not watch TV, I did not turn on a radio. But I did talk on the phone and I did use my internet a bit. There were things going on that I could not NOT use the internet. Oh and I did read books, I admit that. But that was late at night to fall asleep. Here are things I learned...

**If we do not turn on the radio in the car, there tends to be more whining and fighting. That would be from the children, not me. Well maybe me a little bit after listening to the children whine. HOWEVER, my children can be very creative and I found out Makenna could host her own radio show. She would do commercials for the kids and even took special song requests that she would get everyone to sing.

**It is really, really quiet in my house after the kids go to bed. When they are asleep is when we typically turn on the TV. Since we could not do that, we listened to silence.

**Or we listened to each other. I have had this big long list of things that we needed to get figured out. You know just those little things like dates on the calendar, homeschool stuff, etc.. We got through alot of our list.

**TV is not a problem for us with our kids overall. My older 3 barely watch TV, there is just not time! So that for us was not a big deal. But, we did make it a point to just play more, go outside for walks at night, and have fun. Thank goodness it was nice weather.

**TV and the younger ones, that was a bit harder. Not for Mavery of course. But Sage loves to watch diego, and there are times I love for Sage to watch Diego and WISH Mavery would watch it also. She asked alot and I told her how Jonathan asked us not to turn on the TV. One day she said she was going to call him and ask him if she could watch! Then we ran into our pastors wife at Walmart and Jonathan happened to call her. The girls of course insisted on talking and Sage asked him about Diego. I asked her what he said and she said "he said NO"! It was pretty funny. We were blessed with a gorgeous week that is for sure and the girls love to be outside so we were out much of the day. I did cave on Friday and let Sage watch a show!

**For me, it is LONELY being with out the internet or phones. There are not alot of people banging down my door to come hang out with a crazed woman and 2 toddlers. So, my connection is through my email and facebook! 2 very sweet things though. One of my dear friends actually sent me a letter in the mail, how great is that? She said since we could not chat online she wanted to send a note. That made my day, Thanks Sarah! Another day a friend just dropped in. I love people who just DO things! Even though I was unshowered and the house was a disaster at that time(closet switch out, ugh!) and the girls were half naked(as always) she truly blessed me. Kelly, I hope you will do it again, loved visiting with you!

**Besides it being kind of lonely, I can NOT do things with out the internet. We needed to book a hotel room. How did we do that before computers? We wasted hours and hours on the phone. Our friends delivered a baby at 26 weeks pregnant, how do you send out information with out the internet? How do you find out dates, hours, research why your cat might be sick, I never realized how much we do on a computer till I was not supposed to turn it on.

**I also realized if I did not have it, my house would be in better shape, I would probably be more organized and on top of things. Overall the house was in better shape, besides the clothes. Even without internet that job still stinks. I did get it almost all done which is a pretty amazing thing in a week with 5 children. (switching out from winter to spring clothes)

The whole point was about building community and while we were not more on top of it to make plans ahead to visit with others, I do think we did good spending quality time with our kids and each other. I am thinking we should consider making one day a week media free. Hmmm, we will see!

I do have some things to post about our week so hopefully will catch up tomorrow night. New baby, sick cat, fun times. (and no, not MY baby!) Not to mention my failing at my first week in the biggest loser group. Ugh... Who can lose weight when fasting from everything else in life!! ;0)


Mom to my China Posse said...

Glad your back! I missed you! I kept checking your twitter page thinking maybe you would slip something in to let us know how you were doing! Fill me in on that list of yours what you got down. Vacation plans maybe?

DawnS said...

Wow you did really, really well! I'm not sure I could do so well. I research everything on the internet, and after the kids are in bed I am usually exhausted and like to veg out in front of reality tv for awhile. I missed my Mavery fix :)


Finally a Family of Four said...

Welcome back my friend, I have missed you. I thought about showing up on your doorstep a couple of times, howvever it was spring break and the 3 of us stayed busy.
I too, did not do well dieting as well. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...


I was honored to be welcomed into your home on Fri. I know sometimes it can be kind of nerve wracking to have visitors arrive unannounced, but I did have a GREAT visit. Your girls are precious and VERY active. I think they would get along well with my boys. Maybe you'll have to "pop in" on me sometime!!!! Welcome back to bloggy world!!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt feel bad about the little bit of " cheating " you did during media week. I do wonder why the Pastors wife had her cell phone with her and why he called her at the store? I thought " No making phone calls " were included in that? Love the blog, its part of our daily reading now.