Friday, March 06, 2009

Arms filled with HOPE!

Many of you have been to my friend Robins blog, she does all the amazing sewing over at And you might have followed her story and journey as she has waited for her daughter, Mia Hope. Robin contacted me right after we were matched with Mavery, because she had looked at her file and lives right across the river from me! She began her journey to her daughter on December 24th, 2007 and I am so happy to say that Ms Mia is FINALLY in her mammas arms! Robin has a daughter that is waiting for her sister to be home that is also 3. So I can't wait to get these 4 little girls together for a playday. Robin is amazing and I am so thankful that I have been given a chance to know her. So many people say "I can't afford adoption" and that is that. No one can REALLY afford adoption, not many have the money just sitting around. You just figure it out because you know your child is counting on you. And Robin is a true testimony of that. She has sewed and sewed her way to China, and stitch by stitch her daughter is now in her arms! It took alot of faith & much HOPE, but God has carried her through. You can take a peek at their blog, she does have a few pictures up at Her main journal has a password. I just love seeing new families formed through Gods amazing plans!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Robin, how awesome.
I am wishing Robin, Mia and the whole family a joyful time and a easy transition.


Lucky Irish Gal said...

It is a testament to God's glory that parents and children can be brought together as a family from across the world. Love knows no distance.