Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Morning

It was a very Merry Christmas Morning at our house! Nothing more fun than watching 5 kids tear into gifts! Actually, the older ones wait and watch the little ones. Mavery tore through the fastest, we barely got a picture of her at all! Last year she was just home so she was very overwhelmed, this year she is all about the presents! Santa goes overboard here, there is no doubt. Rumor has it his (HER) love language might be gifts. Hmmmm... Some fun things on their gifts this year.

  • Malaine sat on Santas lap the week before Christmas. I asked her what she asked Santa for. "Kirsten the American Girl doll that is going away and I just know he is going to bring her for me and I can't wait!" Amazingly Mommy had NO IDEA that she wanted her. Or that she was SOLD OUT in the store. Thankfully that Santa is smart and was able to deliver because I could see her looking around for that doll as soon as she walked out! and she loves her.
  • Makenna, also a week before Christmas, saw some clear converse tennis shoes she wanted. Up to this point she had asked for nothing except $$ because she is saving to travel to China. (she wants to go and work in an orphanage, no we are not adopting again!) So in the days before Christmas Santa was busy! As you can see from the pictures she did not expect Santa to deliver those shoes! Her 2nd favorite was a package of socks that did not have matches in her favorite prints and colors.
  • Sage & Maverys favorite was their motorcylces. Sage got a scooter her size because she insists on riding Malaines around. Which is to big for her. She was excited for about 20 seconds till she realized that a 3 wheel scooter does not go as fast as a 2 wheel scooter. She quickly passed it on to Mavery telling us it is WAY to slow for her. I have to get this kid on video riding this to big scooter. She is FAST! As I said before, Mavery tore through her presents, tossing each aside quickly. Sage took her time, studies each gift, gets excited over each thing. They are so different.
  • Sawyer was thrilled with his as you can tell. Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics was his only wish along with legos of course. Though he insisted Dad had to have a certain game for his Christmas Gift (playstation 3) which I am certain was as much for Sawyer as for dad! How do I expect my son would not be into electronics when their almost(not quite but getting closer!) 40 year old father is still getting new game systems for himself?? ;-)
I love LOVE the magic of Christmas morning. Watching my kids faces as they open things, priceless. I have no doubt that my children know what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. And I believe that God finds joy in the delight going on in our house Christmas morning!


Makenna said...

MOM!STOP posting pictures of me i don't like it!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Love all the pics of the kids on Christmas. My son really wants those clear converse!!

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