Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My baby turns 4!

Such an odd thing when suddenly you realize you can leave the house with out a diaper bag, or sippie cups, and that you don't have to have to worry if there will be booster chairs available. This is the first time in 12 years that I have not had a baby or waiting for a baby. VERY strange to be honest. But for now, I LIKE IT! ;-)
However, to be honest, when I really think that my BABY, our Sage is 4, it does make me sad. I tell her all the time she has to stop growing. And sometimes she says ok, she wants to stay my baby. Other times she tells me to " get on a plane & go to China and get my own baby because she is NOT the baby anymore! "
Some Sage stuff for 4 years old....
  • she is SMART. To smart that is for sure. You can just see the wheels turning. She can spell her first & last name along with most of our names in the house. She remembers EVERYTHING. (which is not always good for me!) She came home with a paper from school today and I swear I could have mistaken it for Makennas handwriting. Can count high, knows all her letters, recites the books of the bible, and knows the words to just about any song that comes on the radio.
  • Still has her deep voice. her singing is hilarious it is so low.
  • Likes school, but is my first child that is getting in trouble in school! She has a listening issue. If Ms Renee tells her to get in line, she might, or she might not. Depends.
  • VERY athletic. And competitive. Not a good combination I am going to guess. She is determined and will practice her cartwheels forever till it is right. Or kicking a soccer ball. Or riding a bike. I have never seen someone go faster on a scooter that is twice their size than with her!
  • She is HILARIOUS! i have honestly never met anyone funnier than my daughter. No matter how mad I am at her, (and believe me, she is STILL spicy!) one look at her and I crack up. I don't know what you do with that. She cutesies her way out of everything. Which is so annoying to the other children, but she typically has the same effect on them.
  • Which leads us back to the not listening issue. She does not listen. EVER. She is in her own little world much of the time. We are working on this. Cute won't get her out of all school trouble I am afraid!
  • Still has her spicy moments. Often. Tonight as we cleaned her room we uncovered PILES of candy that she had stashed and had been enjoying during "naptime". (chewed up gum in the carpet, suckers stuck to the rugs...) Still forgets (yeah right!) that my furniture is not for drawing on. For whatever reason she still believes that if you are not eating or drinking at your place, she is free to go to your spot and have her fill. She is the child you will find climbing the unclimbable, actually this is a whole post in itself so I will just stop here!

Sage ChenYi Mae. My baby and a true blessing to our family. She is a pure joy and I am still in awe that God picked ME to be her mommy forever. My heart is full as we celebrate 4 years of our gift, my Sage.

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