Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas #2

We started our Christmas Eve morning with breakfast at IHOP with Marks family. My kids love nothing more than eating breakfast out! Afterwards we came home and they opened their annual gift of new pj's. We have done this every year since Makenna was born. New jammies to wear to bed = fun morning pictures! (though I have to admit this year we did stretchy outfits instead of pjs.) Last count was that the little girls had 35 pairs of jammies in their drawer! Add that to the fact I can barely get my older kids out of pajamas, I decided a stretchy outfit could serve 2 purposes! Sleep in it, yet look like you are dressed during the day.

Mostly smiling, what a miracle! On our way to church for the Candlelight service. Candlelight & 2 4 year olds, always an interesting combination!
Afterwards we came back to our house with my dads brothers and family. We had birthday cake for Jesus! This year we did chocolate cake, which shows us and our sin, but filled them and covered them with white icing to show that Jesus was born to cover those sins. (Thanks Amy for the pic, I had to borrow from you blog, we did not get one!)
All the cousins together!
My dad's brother Ray with his kids. We sure miss my cousin Dawn and her family. Kids were thrilled to spend an evening playing with their cousins!My Uncle Joe. Missed a picture of him with my cousin!
My beautiful Makenna, looking way to old!
And my silly Sawyer, always around to make us smile!
Our family with my parents and my brother.
No one crying, yeah!
My mom's sister and her kids. Not one of my dads brothers, but in a round about sort of way related to that side to. It is complicated. ;-) And no party is complete w/ out them so we let them join us!
Makenna & I worked hard on putting together a nativity for the kids to act out and it turned out so cute! Makenna & Colby were Mary And Joseph holding Leighton as baby Jesus. Sawyer was a Shepherd & King Herrod. We had Adley as a little sheep. Dalayna, Jaylyn and Malaine were the 3 wise divas. Missing from the picture were the angels, Sage & Mavery. Who we all know are no angels! Sage cried through the play and I am not sure what happened to Mavery. hopefully I can add a video of it, the kids all did so good! More to come!

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