Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas #3

Sweet Baby Leighton with her Uncle Brett. Isn't she beautiful? And he is handsome to of course!
We made the men play the left right game for their gifts. I know they loved it. And if they did not, does not matter because it made us ladies all laugh!
My grandpa
Grandpa with all of his great grandkids. Notice anything about this picture? Like the fact that there is just one boy? Poor Sawyer, girls girls everywhere! ;-)

Christmas night was spent with my moms sister and family celebrating with my Grandpa. Highlight of the evening was Grammy running upstairs every few minutes to wrap a present she forgot about. hehe!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how fun that night was Shannon- thanks for sharing the great pictures. AND - yes, I agree - your Mom was the hi-lite of the evening! Ya gotta love her!

Aunt Deb