Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Dinner

For the holidays we have tried to make it a point to have a special family dinner night, just the 7 of us. We did fondue for our Christmas dinner this year and it was as yummy as before! If you have never done a fondue dinner with your kids, I promise you it is a dinner you will not regret! Even with out a fondue pot it can be done and they will think you are the BEST. We had it complete with sparkling grape juice. Our fav!
In the past we have let the kids draw a name of a sibling and choose a gift to give them. We changed things up a little this year. We decided our family night we would keep the focus on Christ and what Christmas is really all about. We once again acted out the nativity. Complete with some throwing around of certain nativity pieces by certain children. I admit it goes through my head as we are trying to be all spiritual and Mommy is losing it because the nativity pieces are flying through the air, I ain't getting any awards for playing the part of Mary well! ;-)
After we were done playing soccer, I mean telling the Christmas story, we moved on to our Jesus stocking.
I read this idea on a blog a few years ago and finally put it into action this year. We had the kids each write down things on cards that our family, or themselves could do to serve God. Ideas were serving at a homeless shelter, sending a package to the soldiers who serve, a siblings chores etc... We then put it all in the stocking as our gift to Jesus. We will keep the stocking out all year as a reminder to pull out our cards and actually do the jobs we said we would.
Counting down till Christmas!


Jodi Sue said...

I love the Jesus christmas stocking idea - I think I can still revamp that to be used as a New Year's Resolution, what do you think?

Mom to my China Posse said...

Great ideas!