Monday, February 23, 2009

My New Best Friend

I am wondering if writing this post followed by my last post about my dear"computer friend" seems odd? I really do have friends that I hang out with, I promise!

For Christmas this year Mark and I just asked our family for money. We have had our eye on this cute little robot for awhile. We had heard people talk about loving their roombas, which will vacuum your floor for you. Sounds like alot of fun. But, I do not mind vacuuming overall. Plus the fact we have this carpet that hides everything (which I adore and is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my lifetime of house buying or building, even almost 5 years later, still looks brand new) I can handle running the vacuum. But the tile, oh the tile. While I like the color, it is still where we have the most traffic. And food. So it is always a mess. It ALWAYS needs mopping. Now, my husband is/was the official "mopper", and he did a good job. (it was not get down on your hands and knees clean, which is what I do, ) but who is complaining when it is getting done? I mean come on, a man who mops? Very thankful for that. Which is probably why he agreed to spend his Christmas $ on this robot! ;-) We are both enjoying it. She works GREAT. You turn it on, she goes through the kitchen and sweeps. Then goes back over and mops. Then goes over and dries the floor. We are using it on over 300 square feet of tile in our kitchen. We do 1/2 the room at a time and it takes a little over an hour to do that half. You can buy special (expensive) cleaner, but we just use the recommended vinegar and it works just as well, just stinks while cleaning! ;-) The only place it can't quite get is right along the cabinet edge, but pretty close. And I would not say it is as clean as down on your hands and knees but pretty close in my opinion. The kids think she is just a new part of the family, her name is Rosie. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh - would love to borrow "Rosie" sometime. Sounds like she does a great job! Hope all is going well at your house. It seems like such a long time since I've seen you!

Love ya

Amber said...

Rosie! What a nice addition to your growing family! I expect to see her in next year's Christmas picture! :)

Melanie from Michigan said...

Awesome!!!! We have a "Molly" the mopper and a "Suzie" the sweeper. Both run constantly in our house. It's awesome. I don't know what I'd do without my robots. Molly is on the fritz so I'm looking at replacing her. She cleans the floors beautifully but has become slow in her old age (nearing 3 years). Do your kids love to sit and watch Rosie work? Mine do. It's so funny!

Party of Seven said...


what kind is she? that would be lovely to have!!