Friday, February 20, 2009

House Arrest, Kind of.

Mavery had an appointment with our pediatrician today. Just a follow up from heart surgery, not to mention her ER visit last Saturday. I do not enjoy taking the 2 little ones anywhere alone. Sage is, well she is Sage. My little free spirit that is everyones best friend. Mavery is, strong. And loud. And difficult at times. They are 3. The combination of them together, you just never know what is going to happen. All was going well. Mavery is always hesitant where ever we go at first, but Sage marches in and if Sage does it, you better believe Mavery will be doing it. So, scale, fine. Temperature, good to go. Listen to heart, she even pulled her shirt up before she asked. Ears, forget it. Nose & throat, you better put on your suit of armor. I was MORTIFIED. My children have been a pain at the doctor before, but I was certain that satan himself had entered the room and was overtaking my child. I have NEVER seen her do what she did. I seriously was waiting for her head to just spin right around. She was FOAMING at the mouth! So embarrassing. Sage was like, "what is she doing?"! I just did not get it. After all she has been through, and she is ticked because they want to peek in her ears? It is not even like she digs, she just peeks! I was cursing Mark that is for sure, he should know how difficult this child is and come with me! Then the doctor quit and Mavery was fine with in 10 seconds. She is something that girl.
The doctor said she sounds a little bit wheezy, so we are keeping an eye on it. She is still coughing but it seems better so we are not going to treat it. She thought her cut looked wonderful. I asked how long we "panic" when she gets a fever and she said a long while still. Just to be safe. Sigh.
We talked about shots and she is going to do a little research and we will see what we are going to do. I asked her about taking her to church, around kids etc. She said she thinks we need to keep her away from those situations for the winter. Her thoughts were that there is to much going around, alot of things just starting. Said Mavery is at the worst age because if they are a baby you can hold on to them, a little older tell them not to put things in their mouth. With her immune system down, we just can't afford to take any chances. So, no church, no MOPS, no parties for us for awhile. Yes, the walls are closing in! I figure by the time we get to get out for much will be time for her to go back in for the heart cath.
After we leave, we stop to put coats on. I told Sage "Lets sit on that bench and put our coats on". Well she began to sing about the little bench, and let me tell you, it did not sound to much like BENCH. The entire building heard it over, and over and over. Between Maverys demonic sounds and Sage cursing, I was never so glad to get out of that building! ;-)
The above pictures... Mavery is covered in I can't remember what. Chocolate I am pretty sure. Sage, is obviously covered in marker. I have tried to stress to Mavery we ONLY color on paper. It is not sinking in. Though I am assuming if your sister acts ok w/ you coloring on her, (your sister who speaks english and should know the house rules) why stop, right? It was from her scalp to her toes. And yes, on my walls. Mavery had a tiny bit on her "cheeks". Is it only my 3 year olds who refuse clothes? Unless it is twirly skirts? I have to wonder what the delivery men think when they come to my door and these 2 greet them. No visits from social services yet. hehe! In case you wonder where I am while they make their messes(because if you have less than 2 young children, I am sure you wonder about this).. I am typically cleaning up the mess before that. It might have been the strawberry smoothies they covered my cabinets in. Or the cat food they threw around the laundry room. Or the NEON GREEN FINGERNAIL polish they found in Makennas room and decided to paint their nails with. I totally need a playpen. With a top on it. And a lock.


Heather said...

Oh, I can SO sympathize with you. Although I have only 1 toddler (for right now at least, soon I'll have 2) he gets into everything. It's almost like living with a hurricane. As soon as I get finished cleaning up his first mess (or punishing him for what he just did) another small catastophe has already started. Of course, my husband started a new job - travelling - so I get to handle everything myself. Some days I just pray, "Calgon take me away!"

Take care of yourself and the 2 littlest angels (or should I say monsters?),
Heather O.

Anonymous said...

Oh Shannon, your post was cracking me up!!!! Your two give you as much excitement as my three!!! It really wears one down very quickly. This is why I am so stressed all the time. Hang in there girl, I keep telling myself "this to shall pass...."


Cassie said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOO Shannon I so understand where you are. Only my kiddos are 2 and 4.... I wish I could say they will grow out of this stuff....

Poor Mavery has been through so much medically I am not surprised she is acting like Linda Blair...LOL thats funny. My boys are spitting as well wish I knew the magical answer on that one.

OOOOOOOOOOO and don't get me started on magic marker decorations.... I will have to take pictured of our guest bedroom done in perm. black sharpie!!! We still have to repaint their old room in the old house before we can put it on the market this spring they did the same thing there.....

My prayers are with you sister!!!

God's blessings on you BIG MAMA!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at your post because we also have a three year old adopted from China and will be bringing a 2.5 year old home from China in a few months. Our three year old had a heart transplant 23 months ago and we were on "house arrest" for the first year...tough! We now get out and about but not so much during cold and flu season. Our new daughter also has a heart condition and will be having surgery at Duke so we will once again be on "house arrest" but it is so worth it to have them healthy. Praying for your sanity!

-Mary W.