Saturday, February 14, 2009

All is Well

It took 4 1/2 hours to decide that Ms Mavery has a cold. Fun times. Out of having Mavery for 4 months (YESTERDAY!), we estimated we have spent about 14 days at some sort of doctor with her. She has had this cold for the last few days, and we figured it was just what we have all had. But then her cough became worse and today she looked horrible. Once I figured out she had a fever of 101.8, and then threw up all over me, I called the doctor. She said take her straight to the ER. She said if she had not had heart surgery, she of course would assume she had what we had. But, so soon after surgery they don't take chances. And the ER agreed as they had us in a room pretty quickly. They ran blood work(which was a nightmare) they tested for flu, strep, UTI, talked about RSV, talked about blood infections, called the heart surgeon and thankfully ruled everything out but a simple virus. Not so simple though as at her age there is nothing they can give her besides tylenol. So she is coughing horribly, nose running like a faucet and very feverish, but we are home. Very frustrating as we have not left the house for the last month, but I guess it is probably the cold I had only worse. Please pray with us that she gets over it quickly. Of course we are nervous, how could we not be?

Mark and I did get a date in last night. We saw Taken. We thought it was good. Typically when we see a movie, we go to the rush hour show. Or I often go on Sunday evenings to see the girly movies with friends. I now know why I do not like to go on Friday nights at "normal" movie times. I am pretty sure we were on the older side of the crowd in the theatre. Teenagers(some, not all) are just annoying. Loud and obnoxious and when I pay $11 per person(which is ridiculous in itself) to see a movie, I do not enjoy being annoyed by those around me. Seriously. I have kids at home that annoy me for FREE, I don't need to pay to have it happen! ;-) We also enjoyed dinner out while Megan was here with the kids. It was a good night celebrating Marks birthday and Valentines Day and just getting out! For Valentines Day I got an I O U a Pandora bracelet. I think my blog yesterday helped me out there. hehe! Just kidding, just kidding, but I am pretty excited. If anyone has any tips on those bracelets, please pass them along as I decide how to start mine. Start would be the key word as it will be awhile before I get much on it.
Thanks for praying for us. And Happy Heart Day to Everyone, hope your day was better than sitting in an ER for hours! But we sure loved who we sat with. Maverys first Valentines Day!

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Mom to my China Posse said...

I am so glad your home and your little sweetie didn't have to stay in the hospital. we have been passing that nasty cold bug around here as well. Everyone is sleeping with a humidifier and breath rite strips. They make them for little noses and help so much at bedtime. Tell Mavery they are stickers for your nose. lol......
About the bracelet you must buy a heart charm for your bracelet to signify Valentines day of course and Mavery's heart surguery. hey what the heck buy 2! You deserve it. When I get mine I will take a picture and send. Kathy