Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One Week Post-Op

Mavery was SOO excited when Shane and Esther came over to play this week on their way back to school. I think she has had enough of mommy and is ready for new playmates! She really wanted to go "byebye" with them. And I have been about ready to send her bye bye at some points of the day! ;0) Actually at night, she is not sleeping well....
Mavery was SOO excited to get this book and jewelry in the mail from MingMing! It has a picture of them from China in the front of it and when she opened it she was so smiley and yelling that mingming! So cute!
We keep trying to stress to Sage, GENTLE hugs! Today Sage went to hug her while Mavery was laying on the ground and she leaned right on her chest. Mavery just said "ow, that hurts", but was pretty calm.

Showing her "owie" taken today, a week after surgery.

Notice the bags? She has always carried a purse with her since China but recently has taken to storing things in any bag she can find. And if Sage comes near, the whole house knows it.

Silly Mavery!

Daring me to come near and take away her cookie!
A week later and Mavery is doing well. Not sleeping, so tonight no codine and hopefully that will help. She seems to be doing well with just tylenol at this point anyways. Overall I can tell she is better. Getting more wild. But I am surprised that the doctor was correct in saying that children do seem to know their limitations. Today I even talked her out of wearing around high heels with out a fight. She stays pretty close to me and we have done lots of coloring and play do at the table while safely strapped into her chair. Sage has really been wonderful, a little less spicy than normal! ;0)
I am exhausted though and feeling sick tonight. Started today with sore throat and chills. I am certain it is lack of sleep. For some reason I just do not do well with the mixture of stress, and no sleep. Last night she literally was awake ALL night. We are SOO thankful for those who have stepped up to help us out. We have had meals every day, isn't that so sweet? Besides meals for supper, we have had freezer meals for later. Not to mention chocolate pie, delicious cookies, I love the comfort food! (though Jillian Michaels won't when I finally get the energy to put her in my dvd player!!)
Thanks for your continued prayers and support. We appreciate it.
We did just get word that Brett(marks brother) has been moved to a regular room from ICU and they hope to have him home on Sunday! He is doing ok, sounds like he is in alot of pain. Of course. But they were happy with the results and said it went well. Will be a hard couple weeks for him so please keep him in your thoughts. Mark really wants to see him so we are trying to figure things out for that to happen. I don't know why the timing had to work out the way it did for all of this.

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annaliese said...

so awesome to see her up and around. praying for her recovery, still, as well as for rest for mommy and daddy...and mark's brother. may God's peace blanket your house. we love you!