Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sawyers Birthday Baby Boy

I have had my eye on this cutie for awhile now. I saw him on a list awhile back and he reminded me so much of Sawyer as a baby. 

And when I saw his birthday, SAWYERS birthday, I could not help but pray over him.  Sawyers birthday baby brother?  ;-) 

Obviously, if I am praying over these babies, I am drawn to them and have questioned if they are maybe mine.  Obviously He has still not made that clear to us on if we have another for our family. And until He does make that clear, I continue to pray for these that wait. 

This sweet little guy has a birthday Monday. He turns one the day Sawyer turns 11.  Here we will celebrate Sawyer with gifts and cake and lots of birthday loving. In China? Well, I bet his birthday passes with out much thought. 

So if YOU are looking for a YOUNG baby BOY from China, take a look at this little cutie. Yep, he is from China, hard to tell with that blonde hair isn't it?  His special need is, of course, albinism.  And that bugs me to say that because really, what he especially needs, is a family.  He is a child that waits. Can't you just imagine the giggles from him?  Let's pray another birthday does not pass with out him being home.

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Love for Lilly Yin said...

This boy has my heart! I saw a while back and told DH that I would take him in a second....I think about him and there are two others that I LOVE with albanism as well. I just want to hug him.