Monday, July 11, 2011

Babies IN Bumbos!

As soon as I returned from China,  you might remember that I found out about a sweet boy going Home to soon. You can read about that here.  And so in honor of Evan, I collected money to send bumbo's over to China here. 
In just a few days time, I raised almost $500 for the babies of Chenzhou, in Evan's name.  The original plan was to send bumbos, but with so much money I divided it into bumbos and exersaucers.  

Last night I was having a "I miss my Chenzhou babies terribly pity party", so much so that I asked my group to pray for me.  Not even an hour later I got an email from Chenzhou, with pictures of my babies!  

Look at them in their seats!  

I sooo needed this!! This is only part of the order, so hopefully as the rest gets in, more pictures will come!

And of course it helps that they sent me plenty of my Rosebud!  ;-)

If you donated, THANK YOU!!! And if you wanted to but did not get a chance, I will be doing more things like this.  

Isn't it just like God?  When we cry out to Him, He answers! My heart really needed this, to see that they have not forgotten us, that they are ok! AND they even put Rosebud in the pants I bought her! 

I have more to share, will soon I promise!


Jodi said...

Ohhhh how sweet! and an incredible donation to these babies! I'm sorry I missed this opportunity to help -but hope to see your post for the next fund raiser!
God is soooo good to hear our cries isn't HE!

Sharon Ankerich said...

What a sweet hug from God!!! He is SO good!!! Such a precious photo of those sweet babies~ the one asleep is just... well I wish I could scoop them up!!! You are precious to do this and so thankful babies are blessed by your kindness!!!