Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Isobel

You may remember my visit to the Butterfly House in China. If not, please read about it here.
One of the first babies I laid eyes on was Isobel.  And as I heard her story from Lyn, my tears began to fall and that feeling in the pit of your stomach about how unfair life can be filled me. She shared with us that baby Isobel did not have much longer to live.  How do you walk away from that?  This beautiful child, created by God, living life as an orphan, and so, so sick.  

She seemed so healthy. An adorable little pixie so full of life and smiles.

We received word this week that Baby Isobel has gone home. She now rests in the arms of her Father. An orphan no more, healed completely.

It is hard to make sense of these things. Questions that toss around in my head. Why was she born in China, an orphan, no hope? If she had been born here, she would have had a chance. If only she could have been adopted as a newborn, maybe she could have been saved.  What if, if only, why why why...

And the Lord, ever so patient with me, reminds me. She IS saved.  He wrote her story, from Beginning to End. She did not have a family, per se. But she DID live at the Butterfly House. SHE.WAS.LOVED. While her story might not have gone as I wanted it to go, it went as HE planned it to go.  Or allowed it to go. Which is it? Honestly, I am not sure and really not in the mood to debate theology on orphans and babies who die to young.  

I am sure of this. She is Home. Heaven. Happy. Healthy, Healed. 

And here? Never, ever forgotten. 

Below is the email I received about this angel girl. Please take a moment to check out the Butterfly House and meet the people who loved on sweet Isobel.
"It is with great sadness that we share the news that Isobel has passed away. This brave little
girl exceeded all our expectations – living for longer and with more joy than we originally
thought possible. Isobel was one of our first babies. She was sent to us due to her incurable
liver disease, and she soon became a princess in Butterfly Home. She learnt to charm her
way into the hearts of visitors, and gently tease her brothers and sisters. She was funny and
clever, with a little bit of drama about her too. Most importantly of all, she was loved, and
she reflected that love back to those around her.

Isobel passed away peacefully on the night of Tuesday 19th July in her nanny’s arms. Just
last week she was in great spirits – a cheeky little girl enjoying cuddles, music and playing
silly games. During the time leading up to her death, she was never alone, and the nannies
who love her sang and prayed over her as she slept. This special little princess will be
deeply missed at Butterfly Home. We are forever thankful for the support which allowed
Isobel to live a cherished life."


Jodi said...

ohhh Shannon I am so sorry! She is most preciously a princess of the King! And now in HIS arms. Thank you for sharing her story so that she is NEVER forgotten!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Breaks my heart but SO thankful she is being held by sweet Jesus!!! Thank you for sharing her story~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Shannon. So much we don't understand, but you are correct - God wrote her story and she is with Him now - being loved like she's never been loved before! She was a beautiful little girl and I'm sure her memory will live on forever.


Dawn said...

So glad that tonight I can love on my little darling with beautiful black hair and dark eyes.....