Monday, August 01, 2011

Sawyer is ELEVEN

No matter how much I wish it were not true, my kids continue to age.  I asked Sawyer if he would mind turning 9 instead of 11 and he said he felt it might look a little silly with how tall he is.  ;-) 11 things about Sawyers year and who he is...

He was baptized this year! I love how much he loves the Lord!

 He is VERY bible smart. He has read through his Action Bible a few times since getting it this year and knows WAY more about the stories than I do.

He is silly. He has a great sense of humor and even if he is crabby you can make him laugh easy. OR he can make YOU laugh easy!

His favorite place to eat is Fazolis. Which is funny because he does not like pasta. Only kid I know that does not like carbs. Always picks apples over fries. But he LOVES their pizza.

He is a strong reader. Enjoys reading.

Loves his video games. And legos. i have given up on ever thinking the room will be cleaned up with lego creations to be built in it.

Still into Harry Potter. Has even convinced me to read them all. I must admit, I have enjoyed them and enjoy being able to discuss the twists with him.

After YEARS of hair issues, we have given in and let it grow. He hates haircuts, who has the time for those? He has the THICKEST hair in the house.

Attended his first ever week of camp. I was nervous, but he did GREAT and is so excited for next year!

 Is quite the creative writer. He loves to write books and stories.
Saved up his money and bought himself an ipod touch.  He is learning the value of saving! 

Happy Birthday Sawyer! I am so thankful I get to be your mom. You will always be my boy.


Mary at said...

I just came across your blog and think you have the sweetest little family.

I jumped over to your Chenzhou blog and noticed this quote:

"Pure Religion is this, to look after orphans... James 1:27"

As a foster mom struggling some days, I will now be remembering this as the perfect inspiration to keep going! God bless!

Amy said...

Hope you had an awesome birthday, Sawyer! You make all of us smile!