Friday, August 12, 2011

Cooling off Chenzhou- Part 2

I posted about Chenzhou needing an air conditoner and in less than 24 hours, the money was there.

In Awe.



More than half the money came from a 13 year old girl who had been fundraising and was trying to decide what to do with her money. Honestly, how many 13 year old's DO THAT??


Here is the thing. When I prayed about raising the funds, I asked God to send it by Monday. So we could get the money there as quickly as possible. 

Not only did He bring it by Monday He brought it RIGHT THEN!


A family is in China now. Adopting one of the sweet 4 year old girls. She was able to visit rooms I did not see and saw the need for air in 3 different rooms.  She confirmed THEY.NEED.THIS.

So after some prayer I felt why just ONE unit when they need 3? 

I already had families wanting to help, so here we go. 

My goal is to send THREE air conditioners.

I need to raise $1000 more to cover the extra 2. 

Same concept as before, send in $25, your photo goes on a heart to be placed around the unit!
(my brother returns to China in just a few weeks and will be mailing these when he is back)

Let's bless these babies!


suebarber said...

Hello! Came your way via fiveofmyown. So how did the fundraiser turn out?

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