Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cooling off Chenzhou!

This week I received a new photo from Chenzhou of the babies in bumbos.  As I quickly scanned the photo, drinking in each precious face, my eyes stopped on one of our little boys. Hiding in the back.  His head covered in a bandage.

I quickly emailed back asking what was wrong. Funny, these children, it is like they are MINE. Each of us from Team Chenzhou feel the same. These are not just babies in photos, they are our babies.  We have nicknames for them, we laugh over memories, or cry.  So a photo of Big Al with his head bandaged had us all on alert.

They answered quickly saying that he has a boil on his head and the heat aggravates it. They then asked if we could help them get an air conditioner for the hospital room, which I am assuming, is where the babies go when they have things such as a boil on their head.

At first I was a bit nervous. It is one thing to raise money for bumbos, knowing there is not necessarily a set amount. I raise what I can, I send what I can. . But an air conditioner, it has a price tag. If I say I will give it, but then can’t raise it, well, I will be letting down not only the staff, but all of my babies who are sitting there HOT. Especially the sick ones.

After some time in prayer I know that this can be done and NEEDS to be done.  Quickly. Here is the plan.

I am asking for donations.

For each $25 donation you give, I would like to have a photo of your family or child/children emailed to me.

I will print the photos and attach them to a heart with your family name.

The hearts will be delivered to Chenzhou where I am going to ask them to "decorate"  around the air conditioner.

You CAN give more than $25!  You will get a heart for each $25 donation.

The goal?  25 hearts.  $600. 

Deadline is August 25th. 

I have been in awe of how amazing everyone has been to help out with giving to Chenzhou! I don't even have the words to thank you. I pray that each person who has given will know what a difference YOU are making in the lives of not only a child, but in those who work daily with the kids.  They are noticing, WE CARE!

And we really, really do.

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