Friday, August 26, 2011



If you know me even a little bit, you know that I have a bit of a problem with my brain.


It is full of ideas. I think about things, wonder, plan, dream. ALL the time.

I came across this sight called pinterest on a blog one day and knew I had to join. Especially when it said by invitation only. It MUST be good if you have to get invited!

Took me awhile to find someone to invite me. Once you join you only get a handful of invites to send out. 

In no time at all I was hooked. Let me try to explain it. You have pinboards, as many as you would like. Think of it as a virtual bulletin board. Or even a bookmark on your computer. You see an idea you like, instead of book marking it, you pin it on your board.  You can categorize things as much as you want. Which is my favorite part. I have tons of boards for holidays, kids, organization, school, recipes, favorite quotes, you name it.

It is a nice mindless activity.  Nothing stressful about browsing other people’s boards and seeing their creative ideas then pinning it onto your own board for future use. 

So while it does not help my never quiet brain, it DOES help me categorize all the ideas I have, or helps me come up with ways to implement them.

Sometimes I need to stop thinking of orphans and think of nothing.  ;-)

If YOU would like an invitation, just email me. I am happy to get you addicted too!


Mom to my China Posse said...

ok send me a invite I clearly don't understand it though!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Thanks for the invite. Now how do I find my pins. I pinned a few things but don't know where to access it. lol.....

Wendy said...

I love love Pinterest and also obsessed with

Have a great weekend!

Cassie said...

I would love an invite? would u send me one if you have any left?