Friday, August 26, 2011

Kindergarten Rocks

When your babies are babies, kindergarten seems so far away. When you are dealing with two 3 year olds and ready to pull your hair out, kindergarten seems TO far away. 
Breakfast Celebration before School! Decor by Makenna & Sawyer. Omelet by Daddy!
And then, suddenly, it comes.
K is for Kindergarten!
No matter how ready they are, and on some days how ready I am, how can one EVER really be ready? 
So excited!
It is one thing when it is child #2 or even #3.  But the BABIES of the family? 
As many of you know, we sent our older 3 to Victory Christian for kindergarten. (some beyond) And now we homeschool them.   I am a huge fan of school kindergarten for many reasons. 
We knew that we would probably not be able to afford Victory for the girls. We also realized that Mavery was going to need a bit more than they could offer, even if we could afford it.  Along with the fact their preschool teacher strongly suggested the girls being in their own classes. Things we could only get at our local public school.
A school we pay a whole bunch in taxes for that we have not used.
So with much prayer we signed them up. 
I worried. They tested Mavery and questioned if she was ready. At almost 6 years old I felt I could not really hold her back.
I worried because, well, there are things I prefer about homeschool.  No matter what others say.
I have to throw this in.  I find it humorous how many opinions there are on schooling.  How many have applauded me for sending them to public school INSTEAD of homeschool.  As if I finally did something right.  ;-)  Though my homeschool mommy friends?  Have all been very supportive of my decision. Well to my face anways.  ;-)
I have always tried to maintain my stand on school.  I am not a homeschool snob who snubs their nose at those who do public school swearing you would die before you send your innocent children to school.  (you people are annoying!) And I am not a public school snob who snubs their nose at those who homeschool with the always ALWAYS quick comment of “I could NEVER homeschool”.  (you people are REALLY annoying) Because yes you COULD, if God called you to it!
I am simply a mom of many children with a whole variety of needs.  Yes, God has called our family to homeschool our 3  older children.  And for now, He has also opened up a door for our girls to go to a school that can meet their needs.  What will we do next year?? I have NO CLUE! We just take it day by day, prayer by prayer around here.
Ok, where was I?  Oh yeah, sending off my babies.  Being worried.
First day came, and I actually did ok.  It was only 3 hours the first day and they both went in so easily.  Everyone was so sweet and friendly.  No big deal, I walked them to their desk, helped them unpack their backpacks. Mark was there.
Then day 2. A full day. I could only walk them to their door per the school. They looked so little walking in that room, I walked away and burst into tears.
Some say sending your kids to school is natural.  It is just part of their growing up.  Really?? Because there is NOTHING that feels natural to me about sending my 5 years olds off for someone else to raise ALL DAY EVERY DAY. 
Don’t get me wrong.  There are some REALLY great things about them going.  We have not started homeschooling, so I have been able to do things like deep clean my house, organize, have fun with the big kids doing big kid things.  It is QUIET. It is EASIER. 
And, they love school so far. They are learning, they are happy. Mavery is doing SO well.  A routine agrees with her.   They are thrilled to see each other at the end of the day.
But I do miss them.  And I am jealous that I miss the best parts of their day.  I envy their teachers for what they are experiencing that I am not a part of.   They are MINE and yet I get less time with them than the government, I mean school.
We asked Sage what her favorite thing about school is. She chimed in with the bus, which they ride home.  I asked, the bus, that is the best part?  Her reply? I like the bus, it brings me home to you.
And that is my favorite part too.


Mom to my China Posse said...

Love the tees! Robin made one similiar for Annah and we get so many comments on it. By the way ,avery and my Annah looked like twins! Love all the special things you did for the girls on their first day. You need a My Momma rocks shirt!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Thank you for posting this precious post. I struggled SO much about sending my EK to K this year. I SO wanted to keep her home with me but God was clear to my heart He wanted her in school. She is so happy and loves it. She is blooming right before my eyes. It has been such a blessing to be home with SJ alone before we get Will in Nov. Love all your pics of the first day. I cried when I left EK too but with each passing day, it has gotten easier because she is so happy! :) Praying your year goes well with all your children!!!

Anonymous said...

How did I get here? I don't know--click, click, click.

BUT I could've written your post except it was last year when we sent one of ours to the public school special ed PreK and the other to a private PreK. It was so hard for my heart but it was what they needed last year.

They are both in kindergarten now, and are home this year. But we too have to take it day to day and year to year. I laughed OUT LOUD at your parentheses comments. What is up with PS parents who say they could never do it? And yes, REALLY annoying the HS parents who snub their nose at people whose kids are in PS. YUCK.

Our oldest son went to PS for 5 years and I've had some HS *friends* be *shocked* when they find out. UGH.

Anyway, what a breath of fresh air. I think I need to bookmark your blog after reading this one post. Besides, I have two kindies too. I'm sure we could swap stories LOL!

Thanks for keeping it real.