Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation 2011

I will admit, I was not excited about vacation this year.  I like vacation.  I enjoy getting away with my family.  In the last few years we have enjoyed the beach, Disney World, Amish Country & Hershey World.  
One lane bridge we crossed on our way to the mine. We had an adventure!

Part of going to China this year meant we would have to forfeit an expensive vacation.  We are very blessed that my parents own a condo down on a lake a few hours away, which means we always have a free get away when needed.  That was our vacation plan.
Fitz Restaurant in KC

Kids love the train bringing our food.

But after China as the time drew near to leave, and I heard everyone else talking about their vacation plans, going to the lake did not sound so exciting.  We ALWAYS go to the lake. What fun is there in that?

Mark won out though and to the lake we went.  And you know what? It was FUN! It was relaxing. It was just what we needed this year. We did take a few days in Kansas City, just a short drive from the lake.

And it convinced me, it does not take tons of money to make memories with my children. Sometimes just getting away, together, is exactly what we need.

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