Thursday, September 15, 2011

Updates on Air & my sweet Rosebud

When my mom tells me it is time to blog, I know I am REALLY being a blog slacker!  I hate that I have not kept up better, I WANT to share all the things going on.  Hopefully by the time 2011 ends I will catch up with our busy year! I THINK life is actually calming down, if that is possible. 

I do have lots of pictures with some fun things we did this summer to come, I promise. BUT I had to share some updates on Chenzhou.  If you scroll down a few posts you will read about my collection of money to send them some air conditioners that they were in need of.  And you will read about my Rosebud, sweet baby girl. 

I will start with the air.  We were able to send over enough money for them to buy 2 air conditioners and a heater!  The units are for the hospital wing, which is where the new babies stay and of course the sick babies.  Not everyone who gave sent in a photo, but many did and I love that they did hang them around the unit!

The 2nd news to share is about my Rosebud and how amazing God is. If you remember, Chenzhou told me she was being adopted and my understanding was that it was a domestic adoption. Well last week I opened an email from an unfamiliar name and it was telling me she was adopting from Chenzhou,  she found my blog, and I referred to her baby as ROSEBUD.  Let me tell you, the tears of JOY that fell.  We exchanged a few emails with a promise to call so we could talk about "our" baby.  Her mama's first words to me were "You are my baby's angel".  We had a wonderful well over 2 hour talk as I was able to share all the reason why I fell in love with this little peanut that would soon come home! I have no idea why the translation came through as domestic, the communication gap is such a problem. But thank goodness that this mama was searching for info on Chenzhou and we were able to connect! She said that she received the referral 2 weeks after her birthday and was so upset to miss her birthday. And then she found pictures of her party that I gave her! I am so thankful that the Lord allowed me to be just a tiny bit of Rosebud's story. Maybe all I was to be was someone to cover her in prayer for awhile. Her family has waited FIVE years for her, and while she is one lucky girl, I know they are really the lucky ones. She is going to be such a blessing for them. When Chenzhou sent the photos of the air, they also sent me some photos of RB in an outfit I had sent over. 

Look at her!  I was just in China 3 months ago and this baby was not even sitting! She is standing!! And looking older, and oh so beautiful! I can't help but hope that MAYBE our bumbos and exersaucers helped out a bit. 

Her family is actually in China and will be holding this angel in her arms on Monday.  I am so thankful, an orphan no more.  My sweet little Rosebud, forever loved.

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