Saturday, February 21, 2009


I meant to post this awhile back, I am behind and I apologize. Remember my SWEET friend Tracy who sent the cupcakes that were HUGE to the hospital. (oooh I am still drooling just thinking of that chocolate, I have got to go and get more. No I don't, I need to do the SHRED!) Anyways, Tracy, my online friend I have never met and whom I adore. We met through my friend Kathy, who "introduced" us when I got my referral for Sage. Sage was from where her daughter was from. I really, really love her, and I am thankful she is a MUCH better emailer than blogger, you can check for yourself. (this is a hint)Though when she does write, it is typically profound.
So, besides being a wonderful friend and an amazing cupcake sender, guess what she did for me recently? When my brother in law had surgery, she offered to take something to the hospital for them. She lives near there and I asked her for ideas on places that might deliver a meal for my sis in law. Tracy said she would pick up Jack Stacks BBQ ( A place Amy loves) and even made cornbread because Amy asked about it. Along with from what I hear, really yummy cookies. Now, I personally do not enjoy visiting hospitals to much. Can you imagine OFFERING to visit one for someone you do not even know? AND to make food for someone you do not know? Thank you so much Tracy for doing that for me, since we could not be there. And for being such a great friend!

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