Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catching Up and Packing Up!!

  • I did not realize how far behind I am on my blog so be sure to scroll down through all my posts. Yes, I am on Facebook more now. And you to could be! ;-)
  • Leaving for Disney in just TWO sleeps as the kids say!! I can't believe it is already here! I am very excited, but very nervous about the drive. We are driving all night so hopefully that will work for Ms Mavery.
  • We are SOOO excited that our friends will be leaving for China SOON to bring home their new daughter! You can follow their blog off of my sidebar or go to www.ourgardenofeden.blogspot.com
  • Yes, I will try to blog from Disney, of course. Just wait till you see my childrens wardrobe. Mark has said he feels like we are going to look as if we stepped right out of Enchanted. ;-) My amazing mother has been sewing her little heart out for MONTHS and I can't wait for you to see her creations!
  • Little girls are doing GREAT in preschool!!
  • We are all loving homeschool so far this year! For some reason things are going so much easier and calmer and quieter with out toddlers underfoot!
  • I really really do appreciate all the sweet notes and prayers you all have sent me. We have our good days and our bad days. Been so busy here, which adds to stress, which results in some hard days. I am looking forward to us all being able to just go and relax. (YEAH a 2 day drive and walking around Disney RELAXING?? but oh the beach on the end, that will be wonderful!)
  • We get to see some of our adoption friends while away, YEAH!
  • Wanted to get the girls field trip up from last week. We went to Eckerts. Someday, but they were cute and Ms Jenny was so kind to go along to help me out!
  • I think I am now caught up! Or as close as it gets. ;-)

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