Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 2 Sunday at Magic Kingdom

We made it before the gates opened, Sage was so cute waving at all the charachters!
Mavery, on the other hand, was already in a mood. Have I mentioned that Mavery does not do heat? Or lines. Or alot of things?

First ride of the day, Dumbo! The little girls were so excited to get on those flying elephants!

Peter Pan, Sage=Ears Covered

Have to make fun on the slow horses!
Grammy made al the fun clothes!

Grammy insisted Saywer have a goofy hat just like I got on my first trip to Disney!

Watching the show in front of the castle, princess included!

Ms Serious As we got off Pirates of the Carribean, our own little pirates.

Day 2 and we were at the park for opening. HOT, really really hot. Part of the reason we do not EVER do Disney in the summer is 1. The heat. 2. The crowds. What do you know, we still get both! Originally we thought we would wait till November for this trip. Then we saw they offered free dining so we jumped on that. Which they have now extended to December. Figures. Ah well what do you do for a trip that is FREE all the way around? Can't complain to much. Lunch today at Caseys Hotdogs on main street, which we found very yummy!
My parents (who are so awesome and helpful!) took the little girls while we rode some of the afternoon w/ the big kids. They came back SO excited because they got to see the Princess! Very bummed I missed out but we do get 2 meals w/ them so I will get to be in on the fun. Grammy said it was the cutest thing ever as they were full of smiles and giggles and hugs. Grammy & Papa treated them to face paintings and got the fun of Mavery deciding she was done with Disney I guess as she peed EVERYWHERE! Glad to know that Disney has not changed our little angel one little bit! ;-)
While we were on the water ride w/ our big kids, I was very thankful that I was not to soaked from the ride, since we were on our way to eat dinner right after. That is till we were waiting to get off the ride and the sky's opened up! AHHH! Soaked is an understatement.
We had dinner at The Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends. Our 330 reservation was ready at 430. Not a good sign for free dining? Food was awesome though, love it there. Sage was beside herself with excitement to see Pooh and his friends. I hope to get the pictures up tonight, pure joy! Mavery did not like the charachters, though by the end would at least blow kisses from behind the table.
Another highlight is that our friends that we traveled to china with for Sage are here! We got to meet up with them for a few minutes and Sage & Evie were adorable. So excited to spend time with them this week!


Our House of Five said...

Looks like loads of fun!

Mom to my China Posse said...

your reservation story reminded me how we waited 2 and a half hours at the polynesian. I was livid. Andy says Disney motto is hurry up and wait! lol............