Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Branson Part 2

On our last day in Branson over Labor Day, we went to Silver Dollar City. We got very lucky because as we walked in, we had quite a few people offer us discount tickets. We had looked ALL over trying to find coupons, so we were very excited that people were being so kind. My family of 7 got in for $60, that is a deal! Early morning was nice in the park, but as the day went on, the crowds grew. And grew. And made us very thankful that we did not pay all that much to get in. It was not an easy day with Mavery because have I mentioned she is a dare devil? With a heart condition? So, she is happiest to ride the FAST rides. The ones that say do not ride if you have a heart condition. Sage on the other hand, is happiest to ride in the stroller. You can see the caution on her face. Makes for fun times.

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