Monday, September 28, 2009

Disney Day 1 Saturday

Playing in our hotel on the way down. Mavery was playing she had a baby in her belly. Obviously we have not taught her well exactly where her belly is located! Got to stop for the free OJ and pictures! Sawyer & Makenna did not realize they were in the wrong one, funny!

Waiting on our bed when we checked in.
Doesn't everyone look so happy to be there? More like lets get on w/ the show and forget the pictures! I wish I could have captured their eyes when they saw that castle!

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Not at Disney World!
Malaine, cute as always.
That is Sage's ornery face saying, Hey Papa I just tooted on you! That is our princess!
With Grammy & Papa in front of the castle at night.
Sopping wet but still smiling!
We left our house on Thursday about 10pm, Mark went to bed about 4:30, so he could sleep a few hours before heading out. Sage & Mavery fell asleep about 10:05 PM and slept till 6am! We stopped at Chick Filet (of course we did, any chance to eat there we jump at!) and they were back to sleep for a bit. We drove to Valdosta, Georgia for the night. My parents had Malaine & Sawyer with them, they did not leave till early friday morning and met us in Georgia.

Saturday we arrived to our hotel about 3pm. We are staying at the All Star Disney Music and I think it is great! It is one of their value hotels but works perfect for our large family. We have a bedroom, living room, 2 bathrooms and a small kitchen area. I love that the bathrooms have curtains to close it off, so one is Maverys room! Very kid friendly everywhere.

We headed over to Magic Kingdom because, hey, we have 8 days of tickets and we are kind of just not smart that way. Dropped the luggage in the room and ran. HOT so hot, and pretty crowded. But we still had fun. Rode most of the things in fantasyland. Sage & Mavery were not a fan of the 3d show, and Sage nothing loud of course. She is so sensitive to loud sounds. But overall, everyone did great.

We have the FREE Disney Dining Plan which is SO great! We EACH get 1 sit down meal a day, 1 counter service meal a day, and a snack. PLUS those meals include our drink and dessert. We will be rolling out of Disney next weekend! ;-) For dinner that night we ate at Cosmic Rays, we eat there every trip. On our way out got stuck in parade traffic. And a downpour of rain. With 2 tired toddlers. Magical Times!

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