Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sage & Mavery build a bear or a cat & unicorn!

After we took the big kids to Chicago, we took the little girls to Build a Bear for a fun evening. It was their first time and did they love it! We had been given gift cards for their birthdays,(yes that was in November of last year, but life has been a little crazy!) along with Mavery getting gift cards for her heart surgery from the hospital, so that made it fun for us! ;-) I forgot my camera in the shop, but they knew EXACTLY what they wanted. I figured Mavery would choose the same as Sage, who ran straight for the Unicorn. But she had her own opinion and went straight for Hello Kitty. No wavering from either, they know what they want! They loved stuffing and fluffing and of course chose princess outfits for them to wear. Sage wanted to name hers Ellie. Mavery? Kitty Kat. ;-)

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