Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Branson-Part 1


Over labor day weekend we went to Branson with Marks parents, & his brothers family. Our condo had a really nice pool and despite the water being freezing cold, the kids all enjoyed it. However, they also loved going back to the room and climbing in the big bathtub! We visited the Fish Hatchery where I was certain at least one child would end up swimming with the fish. Our older 3 enjoyed seeing "Country Tonite" with everyone while we took the little girls to the landing and let them run! My favorite Sage comment to a lady that stopped us. Lady:"Are you sisters?". Sage: "Yes, we are sisters, no we are not twins, we are just 20 days apart". Think they get asked that often?? Sage & Mavery were certain they had found heaven by walking in the Disney store and seeing all the princess dresses that were out! Daddy did not give in to the $150 Belle dress (is that not CRAZY!) but he did let them pick out a princess tshirt! ;-) Silver Dollar City pictures to come.


Karen Mercer said...

My sister Sharon fell in the fish hatchery when she was a kid.

The Hickels said...

Where is that fish hatchery? Was it the worth the stop? We're hoping to be back in Branson in two weeks for a long weekend and might want to check it out.