Thursday, September 04, 2008

Many of you know about my friend Robin over at Red Thread Stitches. Her link is in my sidebar. MANY people I meet say, oh I could never afford adoption and they go on with their life. Well Robin CAN'T afford adoption, but knows her daughter is counting on her to figure it out. So she has been sewing to raise the money to bring home Mia Hope. Many of us, like ourselves, take out loans to pay for the adoption that we will pay off over time. Robin is not able to do that, so they have to raise the funds in cash, and she is doing that stitch by stitch. I have no idea how she is doing this. I am tired just thinking of all the sewing she is doing. She is a true inspiration to us, and every time I hear someone say, we can't "afford" to adopt, I want to say, YES you can. If your child waits, you just do it. You figure it out, you sew all night if you have to.
Robin is not able to take orders at this time because she is behind on orders. But she is having some really neat things going on. She makes an outfit, and puts it up for sale. First person to email gets it. Then she has an amazing "auction" going on right now. You can bid on a YEAR of outfits, sewn by her of your choice! Think about if you could get 12 custom outfits for your little one! How fun is that? The quality is wonderful and I love knowing she made it with her Mia Hope in mind. So if you are in the mood to shop, but more important, able to help bring a little chinese girl home to her family, run over and check her out here!

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