Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Wish..

Is for an I-171, TODAY! So I am not going to be pretend that I have patience. Everyone knows I don't, AT ALL! And especially when it comes to the fact that my baby is sitting in China and I just want her home with me! Maybe it is the never ending rain this week, maybe it is I have a cold, maybe it is my vet's office ruined me when I found out today they are NOT animal pro-life, when they should be. (I am not even going there...) Maybe it is simply this. Mavery is mine. And she is not here. My arms ache for a child I can't hold, no matter how hard I wish for it.

And yet, she is not mine. She is first God's. And sometimes I think God just sits up there and laughs at me, thinking I have any say or control over any of this! Mavery is first His. She was formed in His image, He breathed life into her. He knows every detail of her tiny face, He knows the bump on her chest, He held her before, during and after her surgery. He tucks her into her bed each night and though she does not have a momma's good night kiss, she does have her heavenly father's love. He knows all the questions that I wonder about. And so I just wish to trust Him more. I wish to lay Mavery down to Him. Where she belongs, in her Fathers arms, in MY Fathers arms.

I ask you to continue joining us in praying for our I171. While I know it will be here when God says, I also know that He tells us we should come to Him and trust that HE can bring that paper faster than any human being believes it can get here. So please gather with us and ask God to deliver that paper here soon. Pray that our girl is getting loved and hugged on and much care. We did get promising news this week. A family went to Jinhua to meet their new daughter. They took video and pictures of all the kids and said that it really is a good place and that it seems just like one big family. So we are anxious to see if they do have video w/ Mavery in it. You know I will post that if we get it!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Oh Shannon...I'm praying for you! I know the wait is difficult. We are still waiting on PA. I'm sick over it. Why oh why do these things have to take so stinkin long??? Its a piece of paper for goodness sakes! grrrrrr

Mom to my China Posse said...

I am hoping Good Friday brings some good mail for you like the I 171 H! prayign for you, Kathy