Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting Ready for Easter

Who me, cold? Just show me the eggs!
Sweet Malaine
Hold on tight!
Looking for where she can toss the egg!
Some are more careful than others!

Wanted to post this yesterday, running behind as always!

We have been blessed at our church this year with a Childrens Director and she planned our first ever Egg Hunt! Our church is in the process of relocating, so we have lots of land that was the perfect spot for the fun. I think I heard they had 2700 eggs donated to cover the land. I went early to help set up, and quickly called Mark to warn him to add long underwear under our kids clothes! It was COLD up on that hill! Really, REALLY cold! But despite the cold(kids could care less about cold, it is just us adults who can't take it!) it was a fun time. We skipped the koolaide in favor of hot chocolate, which is so funny for SPRING! My kids came home with at least 150 eggs, plus attendance prizes so they were all very happy. Thanks Jenny for the good time! Mark sure enjoyed making fun of me all night as my face was WIND burned! hehe!
We spent the evening dying eggs. As you can imagine, that was quite fun with spicy girl! She enjoyed slamming the eggs into the dish and screaming EGG JUMPED IN, in her cute Sagey voice. We all kept saying, do you think Mavery will throw the eggs next year? What fun that will be! Amazingly, I don't think ALL the eggs ended up cracked. And we did get all the dye off before today, so no blue or pink hands for church!

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