Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Chance for the GARMIN!!!

*Please scroll down to the next post for updates on Andrew and continue to lift him up in prayer.
We are SO excited to see who the winner is of the GPS!! The kids are all fighting over who gets to draw out the winning number! I wish we could draw 4 winners, so they could each get a chance, but we have only ONE navigation system! Monday the 31st at midnight is your last chance! We will draw on Tuesday as soon as we can. We appreciate all of you so much who have given for this. We have had alot of fun watching the numbers GROW!
And stay tuned this week for pictures of the growing yardsale piles. The big sale is SATURDAY! The kids said we could offically open our own store, since it appeared we had as much stuff as Wal Mart! HA! We are praying for SON-Shine on us that day for sure!
We also got some "frustrating" news on our agency this week. Trying not to panic, but please just keep Mavery-paperwork-Hague Agreement in your prayers.

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