Thursday, March 06, 2008

100 Things about ME!

Kathy challenged me to try this post for my blog last week. She did hers in one sitting, but by seeing number 69, you will know why it took me days to do it! It was pretty fun and I have enjoyed reading other blogs that have shared their list. SO if YOU read this blog, please try your own list and send me a link in the comments so I can learn more about you. It is only fair!

  1. I am a Daughter of the King forgiven by God’s Saving Grace
  2. I am almost 33.
  3. I married at 19 years old.
  4. Mark is 4 years older.
  5. We honeymooned in Cancun.
  6. I got REALLY sick! I drank the water, OCEAN water that is!
  7. I married the most AMAZING man there is
  8. We met in the church nursery.
  9. Our families knew each forever
  10. I am the mother of FIVE
  11. The 5th waits in China.
  12. I am in so in love with her, it hurts.
  13. Mark and I have had 12 addresses together.
  14. I gave up college to marry
  15. I went to travel school & worked in corporate travel
  16. I hated working (I am not good w/ a boss!)
  17. I always wanted to be a mom to a lot of children
  18. As a teen, I served summers on an Indian reservation.
  19. It changed my life.
  20. I used to play like I ran an orphanage as a child.
  21. I lost our first baby & a tube from ectopic pregnancy.
  22. In return, God gave me 5 blessings(so far!)
  23. My family/extended family are VERY close.
  24. My cousins are cousins on both sides. It is legal.
  25. They (and their spouse) are still some of my best friends.
  26. I have one brother. He is almost 4 years younger than me.
  27. I used to put his hair in pigtails. Hehehe!
  28. He wants to be a missionary, and guess where his heart is?
  29. I received Christ in my heart as a child.
  30. I did not get it all then.
  31. Now I do and I am so thankful He came to me so young..
  32. I am still close with some of my childhood friends.
  33. I delivered Makenna in Pittsburgh, Pa.
  34. I did not like living there.
  35. I DID like living in Charlotte, NC.
  36. But I like living here best.
  37. I first heard of MOPS in Pittsburgh.
  38. I helped in starting our MOPS group here in 2000.
  39. I am still active in the group.
  40. The first year I was leader, I would NOT speak in front of the group.
  41. It has grown me and stretched me and taught me to be organized.
  42. among many other things.
  43. I home school my kids
  44. Some days I love it.
  45. Some days, I don’t.
  46. I am a scrapbook want to be.
  47. I own all the “stuff” and it taunts me when I open THAT closet!
  48. I WILL do a lifebook for Sage and Mavery.
  49. I am currently working on Sage’s.
  50. I have always attended a Baptist Church.
  51. I love to read. I read every night.
  52. I take a bath every night and read.
  53. I stay up way to late.
  54. I love to write.
  55. Fall is my favorite time of year for weather, but so busy here it makes me tired.
  56. I am on a constant diet starting “Monday”.
  57. Monday never comes. I hate that.
  58. My favorite show is The Biggest Loser.
  59. I hoped it would motivate me. So far, it has not.
  60. I have watched every season of Survivor and Lost. (I love tivo!)
  61. I like my hair long, yet I miss my short hair.
  62. Shoes annoy me.
  63. Shoe shopping to me is as bad as swimsuit shopping or jeans shopping. Ugh!
  64. My feet are big and wide, hard to fit.
  65. I love flip flops & crocs for that reason.
  66. The story of Esther is my favorite bible story.
  67. Isn’t it cool my new friend is named Esther?
  68. I am too worried about details.
  69. yet useless details bore me (following directions!) ;-)
  70. My friends are mostly all Christians.
  71. They challenge me to grow. I need that.
  72. I am stricter on my kids than most moms I know.
  73. I am ok with that.
  74. I only listen to Christian music, mostly praise songs.
  75. It speaks to my heart & helps me worship
  76. I also believe God speaks to me in my dreams.
  77. Mark laughs at this. Especially if I dreamed we were having more children!
  78. I have to have perfect sleeping conditions.
  79. Pitch black, white noise going, pillow between my knees.
  80. I LOVE to plan parties and organize things.
  81. I like to be in charge.
  82. I don’t like to drive, would rather ride.
  83. but can be a backseat driver! ;-)
  84. I think every Christian should adopt.
  85. I think this drives everyone I know Crazy!
  86. I worry that I have more children out there and I will not listen to God & miss them.
  87. I don’t understand how most people don’t worry about that.
  88. I am not easily offended.
  89. I AM easily annoyed.
  90. I have a very short attention span.
  91. I grocery shop on Sunday nights by myself!
  92. I love to shop, IF I am kidless.
  93. Marshalls & Target make me smile. They do NOT make Mark smile.
  94. I LOVE to be with my children.
  95. I LOVE a girls night out or a weekend away w/ my hubby! (We are all better for it after that)
  96. I am a dreamer and have LOTS of ideas.
  97. I get VERY passionate about what I believe is the RIGHT idea.
  98. I love my children and my husband with all of my being.
  99. I love Jesus even more.
  100. I am so thankful I come from a very strong Christian heritage and I pray that I can pass that legacy on to many more generations to come.


Mom to my China Posse said...

Hey, I learned some new things about you. I didn't know you went to travel school, how cool and I also didn't know you hated to show shop! Thats another thing we have in common and our love for the Lord,kids and adoption! But hey your about 10 years fair!


Mom to my China Posse said...

I meant shoe shop instead of "show shop" , I shoudl really proofread my comments. lol.....


Esther said...


Thank you for mentioning me...
I love learning about you...
If you want me to start writing a list about myself, I think it will be "1000 things about ME!"
Which NO ONE cares THAT much about Esther. So....

the gove family said...

hey! I just read this today--I will definitely do a "100 list", my friend ;) have been super busy lately, so not on blogs enough to catch up on all the news :) fun learning all this stuff about you.

Anonymous said...
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