Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our China Blog!

Ok, I have a million posts that I am determined to get caught up w/ before we leave here, but wanted to go ahead and share our new blog link! Tomorrow night we will be leaving the house and so I will move my new posts to that blog. You can click here or www.2china4mavery.blogspot.com. I will also be moving my email to my gmail account, which is linked on that blog, but it is shannonlaxton@gmail.com

The blog fairy, who is the most patient woman in the world, you would not believe what I put that poor woman through trying to decide on a "look" for our china trip., did an amazing job I think on the China blog. Take a peek and see what you think! I am still playing around with some things, but you can get a look at our full itinerary.

But keep checking here. The kids updates will be here while we are gone. And like I said, I have a bunch of posts that I need to publish before we leave!

Counting down till take off!

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Hello. And Bye.