Monday, October 06, 2008

Malaines EARLY 6th Birthday

Did I mention that this time of year is birthday bonanza for us? Malaine Shaye will offically turn 6 on October 11th, and yes we will be gone. So, we declared that this weekend was her 6th birthday with us! We celebrated the whole day, just as we would have if it was her birthday. The other kids are not quite sure they agree that she gets 2 birthdays, but they went along with us anyways. We spent the day at Chuck E Cheese which I dreaded to do for a Saturday. But actually, it was not that bad. We went early and the kids had a great time. Those of you who know Mark well will enjoy this. For the kids birthday party, my dear Aunt and Uncle gave them gift cards for Chuck E Cheese. (thank you Ray & Judy!) So we were excited to go for FREE on Saturday. But it is only free if you remember to turn in the gift cards when you pay. Which Mark did not do. So, guess we will get to go to Chuck E Cheese AGAIN. Guess that is one way we can introduce Mavery to America, take her to meet the BIG mouse and let her go in overload from all the noise there. Kidding of course, we will totally use Mavery as an excuse to stay away from all annoying places for quite some time! ;-). Maybe the grandparents would like to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese while we are in China? It is FREE! One thing that is so funny is that Sage does not like Chuck E, I think I have said that before. She chants over and over, No chucke, no Chucke. But she does love the games and totally knows how to put the coins in and is all about tickets.
So Malaine has more celebrating to do, but at least we were able to play for a day. And yes it is a cake made of ding dongs. Hey, I am going to China this week, making cakes was just not on the agenda! My kids thought ding dongs were quite the treat, so I did not feel quite so bad. Mark enjoyed telling them how that is what Grammy fed me for breakfast as a child. They are so jelous of the good ole days!


Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Happy Birthday Malaine!! I think I like the idea of a ding dong cake since I LOVE ding dongs! We were so happy when our kids got past the Chuckie Cheese stage...ha...I guess we are starting over again. I do believe you will be leaving VERY soon for China!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Happy early Birthday, Malaine! You know we love you and think you are the greatest!