Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kid's Weekend

The Laxton Children have been having fun. Friday after Home school Co-op the Kids went the the Magic House with Megan and Shannon. (Pictures to come when I get them). Each of them said they had a really good time. I'm told Sage did well!

Saturday the Kids spent time with the Grandparents celebrating Malaine's Birthday. (Megan also has photos of Malaine opening presents that I will post when I get).

Then today the kids came to church. It was a special day at church because we were celebrating our 50th anniversary. There was a special presentation in the services. Then this evening was a special time at church. There were carnival games set up for the children and a bounce house! The evening ended with prayer at the property the church bought that will be the site of a new church building!

Makenna and Sawyer went to the same house to spend time with friends. Malaine got to go home with cousin Jaylyn and Sage went to stay with Nina. Enjoy the pictures of the kids playing at the church.

The kids will spend Monday evening and Tuesday with Nina before leaving for Branson Tuesday night. I will be joining the kids Thursday in Branson and have more pictures and updates for you!

Miss Jenny

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Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Congratulations on your new baby sister!!! You guys get to go to Branson too?? Wow...your mom and dad should leave town more often..huh? Have fun in Branson!!!