Sunday, October 05, 2008


There are many things we are praying about as we get ready to go. Some things that are on my list

  • Please let the plane stay in the air, the way it should, and if possible not even letting it bump around in the sky. I hate to be picky and all, but this is kind of a major thing. Just let us have a smooth boring flight. I won't even ask for decent food or clean blankets, just that it is a safe flight.

  • Soft beds. The Lord said ask for anything right? So if we could just land us a soft bed, I would be so happy. I have considered sleeping on the floor to prepare myself, or even the dining room table as I am sure my carpet feels better than chinese torture beds. It's the little things in life..

  • Outlets that do not outsmart us or blow up my CHI hair iron. You all know the humidty in China is not so good, and you all know that I have high maintenance hair, so if my flat iron goes out on us, it won't be pretty.

  • That my oh so sensitive stomach that is revolting on me as I am stressed right now, would just calm down and be still. I promise not to eat donkey or monkey or ox stomach, just be kind to me.

  • How about that my 2 year old and pre teen year old would not ruin us from ever having babysitters again in the future. I have visions of the grandparents dropping the children at the airport and jumping on the plane when we return!

  • That Mark and I can agree on this shopping stuff. Now THAT is a serious thing. Do you remember our shopping from last time? We SO stressed each other out. But let me tell you, I am prepared this time. I have my list made down to the detail of what and where it needs to be bought. I am sure it will involve at least one extra suitcase, shopping for 5 kids, that is alot!

Ok, so you don't really have to pray for any of that. Besides the plane, I would appreciate some prayer in that area. I do not enjoy flying, it makes me nervous. You can pray for the hair thing to if you really feel led to! ;0)

Seriously, we do ask that you pray for us. Things like..

  • Our children and all those taking care of them. It is alot of work, and we are so thankful for grandparents and friends that are so willing to help us out with them. We know we are so blessed to have the support system we have here, and do not have to worry about leaving our children, and that we can both go to China for Mavery.

  • Sage. I worry the most about her. She is my baby, and I have not been away from her this long. Plus, she is going to have a new sister that is her age. She won't be the only baby. Her personality is so amazing, I think she is going to do great. But I know there is going to be adjustment.

  • Health, all the way around.

  • And of course Mavery. Not only our meeting, but we return back to her orphanage on Tuesday, the day after Gotcha. So please cover her in prayer that day.

Again, we are so blessed and thankful and know we are going wrapped up in the prayers of so many. What is the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? I say it takes the village just to make it through the adoption of a child. My village is strong that is for sure.

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