Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Will try to post after "Trunk or Treat" tonight. As you can see Mavery is not afraid of her costume as I worried she might be. She looks sad but she was enjoying playing in it, I promise. And we are ALL excited about tomorrow, someone turns THREE!!


Mom 2 six said...

Love to see you all together !

annaliese said...

amazing :) they are all so beautiful. how happy you must be :)

Finally a Family of Four said...

The kids look so good.
How do you take pictures during holiday chaos.
I did not get enough pictures and I am going to make Grant and Lily put on thier costumes tonight to get better pics.

Angi said...

Love the pictures. Wow! The Lamb Chops look adorable. What did Mavery think of that costume???