Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trunk or Treat

For some reason, I am just not keeping up as well as I want to around here. I want the White Swan back. You know the someone else doing my laundry, my cooking, my cleaning, ah the memories.

Our church once again did a trunk or treat for Halloween. Our family did a 50s theme as you can see. Thankfully my mother had all the decorations in her basement because I was lucky to get costumes done before we left. I did bad at getting pictures that night and do not have one of the 7 of us together. Which might be for the best. Those poodle skirts are not very figure flattering that is for sure! On me anyways, Makenna of course looked adorable. Malaine was not so into the idea of a poodle skirt, but was happy to be a pink poodle. I think we have the cutest bunch of poodles around, don't you think? And Sawyer was a riot as Elvis. Got to love that hair.
If you are not familiar with trunk or treat, it is basically a parking lot full of cars that the kids get candy from each trunk. I love it because we get to socialize, the kids love it because their friends are there so they get friends AND candy. Sage of course was in her element. I am pretty sure she made the rounds about 4 times charming candy out of everyone. Mavery was a little unsure. She enjoyed the candy, but was happy to stay close to us rather than run around.
Makenna is already planning out next years theme for the family! Hope you had a Happy Halloween and I promise birthday pictures are coming!

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