Monday, November 17, 2008

First Post Placement- We Passed!

These pictures crack me up. Ever since we have met Mavery, she insists on pulling her pants up to her armpits. So funny.
So last night as I am debating more cleaning or trying to finally catch up on the 8 episodes of
the Amazing Race that we are behind, my thought was this. Is she REALLY going to come in here and notice that I did not mop INSIDE the closets? And if she does notice, is she really going to tell me I have to get back on the plane and take Mavery BACK to China? I don't think so. So I figured it was good enough and decided to veg on the couch instead of cleaning the closet floors. And thank goodness I stopped worrying about it because you know what she did? Walked in the door and came straight to the couch and was not worried about the house one little bit. At least the house is once again clean for now. Besides inside the closets, no peeking inside there. And I should add, I do not mop, Mark takes that on as his job. Which is probably why he keeps reminding me I am getting a "Scooba" for Christmas when I keep suggesting a sewing machine! ;0) For some reason he does not understand how I am going to find time to sew, much less learn HOW to sew. I am trying to remind him how much money it would save him, we have FOUR girls, their clothes add up! Anyways, back to the visit.

I thought you all would enjoy knowing that her first comment was that "she sure is chunky!" She meant this in a good way, I think. And the funny thing is, we are pretty sure she has slimmed down some with all her climbing and running around here!

The visit went well. She was impressed with Maverys language and believes she is bonding great from what she witnessed. Which makes me feel good. Of course it is what I think, but it is nice to hear a "professional" tell you it is true.

We talked about sleeping, and that was kind of a bummer. We told her how she cries out in the night and how sometimes she actually wakes up with this piercing scream while thrashing around in the bed, it seriously sounds like the bed is going to fall apart. She is pretty sure it is night terrors and said there is no solution but that she will grow out of them about 9 or 10 years old. Yeehaw, that is great! Who can share a room with a kid that sounds like someone is stabbing her a few times a night? Sometimes she does not do this. She did when we first came home, then stopped. But started up again the last few nights. I am praying it is a passing thing being caused by a new stuffy nose because I am not big on being woke up a few times a night with a racing heartbeat!

The other "issue" we are having that she tried to help with is that Mavery does not go to bed for me. I lay her down, she screams. Mark comes in and pats her, she goes to sleep. Same goes for anything. Eating, if I sit next to her she hangs on me and whines. If he is next to her she sits and eats. Mark says I am to soft and basically that is what the Social Worker insinuated to. She told me I have to do things just like Mark does. I did not tell her that she might not want me following all of Mark's parenting tactics because HE is the one letting our children hang from the bedrails, but did promise her I am TRYING to act like him when it comes to putting her to bed. Apparently I might need more work.

So all in all it was a good visit. No one did anything to embarrass me, you know, they did not act like they normally do so that was good! Sage actually slept through part of the visit and thankfully kept her clothes on when she was awake. She did cry to watch tv at one point and I was worried she was not going to give up, but thankfully she got busy being cute so I did not have to show the SW that she knows how to find her favorite show on tivo. Hershey ( the dog) did not bite her or anything like that, but did jump on top of her trying to lick her face. Thankfully our Social Worker is really great and very laid back. You would have to be to take on our family.

Thankfully we did not have to offer up any pictures so no worries that she saw the gymnastic shots. Of course for all I know she found my blog and then we might have some explaining to do. Some of your emails cracked me up and I am glad you emailed instead of commenting, we have to keep it G rated around here ya know! hahaha!

Next visit at 6 months and then again at 12 months. So at least we are guaranteed to have the house cleaned 2 more times in the next year! ;0)

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Amy said...

I'm glad you survived. And we are sooo happy to finally have Mavery home. We continue to pray for her adjustment into her forever family.