Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Sawyer being chased by all the girls. It is his life story!

My Mavery, Happy First Thanksgiving Beautiful Girl!

Three little almond eyed beauties!

Adley & Sage

This is what happens at my moms house for most every gathering. Sitting around watching Football. Well, typically the men. I could care less about sports.

Sage relaxing while her big sister pushes her around! They are to cute together!

If I had more time I would tell you how my family is related on both sides and it is all legal. Always makes it nice for family gatherings. This is my parents brothers and sisters. Jan, (who is Terry & Judys sister, )Terry & Debbie. (Debbie is my moms sister) my parents in the middle, Ray & Judy. Ray is my dads brother, Judy is Terrys sister, and Joe, my dads brother. See if you can figure all that out!

My cousins and spouses. Kenny, his wife Amy. my brother Shane in the back. (we missed Esther!) Cousin Brett, Cousin John in back, Cousin TJ and his wife Amy, cousin Dawn with hubby Terry (who we miss so much since they moved away this year) Mark and I and my cousin Julie.

Lexie, Dalayna, Jaylyn, Malaine, Makenna holding Adley, Colby, Sawyer, Sage & Mavery. Why is it always my kids not sitting still? ;-)

Colby, Makenna and Sawyer enjoying some quality cousin time. Probably hiding from the little ones!

Uncle Terry entertaining 3 little girls. No soda Mavery!

Colby & Sawyer. Sawyer is thrilled to spend the day with Colby, he misses him alot!

Jaylyn and Lainey!

Spicy Girl! Yep, sitting on the table, double dipping with the chips!

Aunt Debbie & Adley

Thanksgiving was fun and crazy and I think both sides of the family had almost 40 there to celebrate. Mavery does well in a crowd, thankfully, because we ARE a crowd! Both of our parents live in town so we get to eat twice on Thanksgiving. No complaints about that! It was such a beatiful day, the kids loved being able to be outside for most of it. It will seem that we never have pictures of Marks family gatherings and that is because on my side my mom is always "encouraging" posed group photos, which reminds me to get my camera out and use it. We always grumble about these photo shoots, however I am thankful because with out them I would not have pictures! And if I do not take pictures, or tell Mark to take them, they do not get taken. We really do love his family and we do see them to! It was a good day and we were very thankful to have Mavery home this year. Oh and because I keep forgetting to add it, we are also very thankful that we are expecting a new cousin in the family! Amy is expecting a baby in June! We appreciate all your prayers for Amy and some of you have asked me how she is doing, and so this is good news! Sawyer is holding out for a boy, we will see! Hope you all had a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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