Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mavery Wants Hair!

Why do they sometimes shave these poor children in the orphanages? I know, I know, no need to give me all the reasons. My Mavery does not understand that and she is just one unhappy diva when it comes to this hair stuff. As I put Sage's hair in pigtails this morning, Mavery just cried and cried because her hair does not go into pigtails. Well, it does, as you can see Ms Jenny managed to make some "horns" as everyone around here called them! But they don't stay in long. It is growing, and I hope by Christmas we can get things in it. It makes me so sad when she goes to brush it. And she just loves to touch my hair. I guess all us girls in the house could shave our heads to match but I am thinking I won't look quite as cute as Mavery with a shaved head! ;0)

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Mom to my China Posse said...

What sweet pictures of the girls! Love the ponytails! in the pictures Sage looks alot bigger than Mavery, is this just my imagination?