Monday, November 10, 2008

Malaine leaves the Nest!

Homeschooling with 5 children is proving to be as challenging as we knew it would be this year. Even over the summer we debated, should we go ahead and send Malaine to kindergarten? How in the world will we teach her to READ with 2 2 year olds? But we decided to keep her home, she is so easy and we figured she is so laid back I could handle it. Then we got home, and realized what life with twins really is all about. Especially one who can't speak English and needs ALOT of attention. So, we decided it would be best for Malaine AND for me if she went to school this year. We really prayed about WHERE. And though we can't afford it, we have decided to send her to the christian school our children previously attended. We know with out a doubt that their program is amazing, and we know that she will be getting a firm foundation this year. Sawyer was so easy to homeschool because of how well he was reading going into first grade. Plus the fact that the teacher is one of our very favorite people helped a little to! Oh and add that to the fact that our amazing friends and soon to be next door neighbors go there and are willing to take Malaine in the mornings, while my awesome dad is going to bring her home! Driving was not an option with the other 4 as you can imagine. Makenna & Sawyer are just a little (ALOT) sad that they are not able to go back, so I knew if they had to go over there every day it would be to hard on them. (Victory is not in the town we live, it is about 20ish minutes from our house)

Let me tell you, Ms Malaine was SO excited! She NEVER complained about homeschool and told me over and over how happy she was to have me for her teacher. But if you know Malaine, you know that she is generally just a happy kid. So tell her that she is now going to school and she is happy about that to!

So today was the first day. Good grief school starts SO early! Our favorite thing about homeschool are the hours we keep! I forgot how much fun it is getting up and getting us all ready. And I realized why I hardly leave the house with 5 children. Going in the office, trying to do paperwork with the little girls, fun times.

While I am sad that Malaine is not here with me, I was SO excited for her today. Both of the older 2 just loved kindergarten and I am glad for her to now "get" their stories from school. Plus it really just lifted a huge weight off my shoulders today. While I think it is a great privilege to teach your children to read, it is not one I am sad to not have at this time in my life! I will have her next year when she reads well and life is a little less crazy with the 2 little ones. Right now we are just trying to find a balance for everyone as Mavery adapts. I want to make sure that everyone is getting what they need, which is hard, but hopefully this will help.

I have already told Ms Sherman aka Amber that we are pretty certain the little girls will be coming over there for kindergarten even if we have to sell our house. I think Sage is going to NEED her! Hopefully that thought won't be enough to make Amber retire early! ;0)
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Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Yeah for Malaine! She is such a pretty little kindergartner! Did I spell that right? LOL Happy first day of school!

Amber said...

It so great having a Laxton in kindergarten again! I hope she is enjoying her days with us. It is so funny to watch the others...everybody wants to sit by her, or be in line by her, or tell her how things go in the classroom. She is quite popular!

Anonymous said...

Hope Lainey enjoyed her first day of school - I'm so glad that she gets the opportunity to follow her big Sis and Brother!

Love ya

Sarah said... couldn't have a better K teacher for her. I miss the place myself...I visit my friends, but not as much as I would like. I'm so happy a piece of you guys is back over there.