Friday, November 28, 2008

I will always remember

that 3 years ago, in China, another mother made a choice that has changed my entire world.

I will always remember that someone else held on to Sage for a full week, and then left her where she could be found.

I will always remember, that she could have made different choices, and if she had, I would not be holding this beautiful amazing spicy girl that is my daughter.
I will always remember, that somewhere out there is a woman, who is missing out on hearing this AMAZING laugh, kissing these sweet lips, or stroking her silky black hair.
I will always remember that this day will forever be marked on her heart as well as on mine.
I wish I could tell her, how amazing Sage is. I wish I could hear her voice, and see if it is as deep and raspy as Sage. I wish I could spend a day with her and see if she makes me laugh, the way Sage does. I wish I could know if she has trouble sitting still or if she makes the whole room smile when she walks into it the way Sage does.
I wish I could thank her.
November 28, 2005. I will always remember.


annaliese said...

precious. we are bound to shadows, through our daughters--glimpses of what their birth mothers look like, sounded like, their temperment...

Our House of Five said...

Beauiful...why anything but life is ever chosen is beyond me. The gifts that you bring when you are born into this world to so many people, the lives that are touched just because you breath should never be forgotten. Tracy

Anonymous said...

Sage is a blessing, that's for sure! We to are so grateful to her birth Mom - life is so precious!

Aunt Bubby and Uncle Terry